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Thoughtful people must not cede all power to politicians and business interests; we must make our voices heard across the full range of professional, social, and civic circles.
(p. 95: Karr, J.R., 2008, Protecting society from itself: Reconnecting ecology and economy, in Soskolne, C.L., ed., Sustaining Life on Earth: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, p. 95-108)


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Friday, April 20, 2012

Kudos for The Indira Magazine

Huge round of applause to the Gateway team (presumably) for their spoof The Indira Magazine.
Lorra lorra laughs!


  1. Cooking with Nestlé -- image plus "from the comments" -- GENIUS. I am ashamed of every uncharitable thought I have ever had about student capabilities.

  2. I thought it was brilliant!

  3. Brilliant? Great student capabilities? Are you guys sure that this is a spoof? Read p. 8-9 again; they sound pretty authentic.

    The studnts missed: the next Hon Doc goes to Eli Lilly for "Cialis --- reinvigorating the inner radical."

  4. "Lorra"?

    Um, translation, please?

    (Two worlds, separated by a common language)

    1. It's an ethnic thing: Liverpudlian 60s-70s pop star and TV show host Cilla Black (OBE) was famous for her catchphrase "Lorra lorra laughs" — roughly translated meaning "Lotta lotta larfs" (as in "Whole lotta luv"). Clear?

    2. Clear. Thanks.

      Learn something new everyday!

  5. Spoof? It was a spoof? Are you sure?

  6. Give-me a-break, the Gateway Editorial Collective denies that any representation in "I" approximates reality. This includes the photo of Indira in the evening gown. it does not depict the costumes with which she typically greets Pete B-L.. Any resemblance is entirely unintentional. Really.


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