by Jeremy Richards
Thoughtful people must not cede all power to politicians and business interests; we must make our voices heard across the full range of professional, social, and civic circles.
(p. 95: Karr, J.R., 2008, Protecting society from itself: Reconnecting ecology and economy, in Soskolne, C.L., ed., Sustaining Life on Earth: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, p. 95-108)

Saturday, June 18, 2011

The BoG's "very fine" legal counsel

In President Samaraseker's Q&A with the Globe and Mail, she refers to the BoG's "very fine legal counsel, our external legal counsel...". Last time I heard rumours of the numbers (a couple of years ago), the Bog's bill to Field Law was $1m per year. But lawyers mostly tell you what you want to hear, and in the BoG's case it has led to stupid decisions such as grieving against the AASUA for the CAUT investigation (and other things I can't tell you about, or I myself might be on the receiving end of a lawsuit).

BTW, I assume and expect, nay demand, that the BoG retract their ridiculous grievance after this revelation about the man they were defending.